Wine Judging

Submit your wines for judging if you are a winery!
Wine Judging: Wines will be judged (submit them by 5/15/2023) by a group comprised of wine professionals: winemakers, winery principals, restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine journalists, members of the wine trade and serious wine collectors. Awards will be shipped out following the judging. Results will be ready the week before the event on June 3rd and 4th, 2023.
To submit your wines go to Enofile online when the link is listed here by 2/24/2023.

2022 Wine Judging Results

Congratulations to our exceptional participants!

Best of Show Red
Carol Shelton Wines, Dry Creek Valley, Petite Syrah, 2018
Best of Show White
D&L Carinalli, Vineyards, Russian River Valley, Pinot Grigio, 2020

GoldAlamosMendozaCabernet Sauvignon2020
GoldArmidaChaloneChalone Vineyard Pinot Noir2019
GoldBarefootCaliforniaCabernet SauvignonNV
GoldBarefootAmericanPink MoscatoNV
GoldBarefoot BubblyAmericanExtra DryNV
GoldBonny Doon VineyardCentral CoastVin Gris de Ciagre2021
GoldCarol Shelton WinesRockpileRockpile Reserve Petite Sirah2018
GoldCarol Shelton WinesDry Creek ValleyFlorence Petite Sirah2018
GoldCarol Shelton WinesFountaingrove DistrictKarma Zin2019
GoldCarol Shelton WinesMendocino CountyWild Thing Zin2019
GoldCarol Shelton WinesSonoma CountyWild Thing Chardonnay2021
GoldCarol Shelton WinesPlacer CountyWild Thing Viognier2021
GoldCarol Shelton WinesPaso RoblesCoquille Blanc2021
GoldD & L Carinalli VineyardsRussian River ValleyChardonnay2020
GoldD & L Carinalli VineyardsRussian River ValleyPinot Grigio2020
GoldDeuce CellarsWalla Walla ValleySyrah2016
GoldEdna ValleyCentral CoastChardonnay2020
GoldEdna ValleyCaliforniaSauvignon Blanc2021
GoldFaith, Hope and Charity VineyardsOregonPinot Noir Rose2021
GoldTalbottSanta Lucia HighlandsSleepy Hollow Vineyard Pinot Noir2019
GoldTalbottSanta Lucia HighlandsSleepy Hollow Vineyard Chardonnay 2019
SilverAdega NorthwestWahluke SlopeWeinbau Vineyard2017
SilverAlamosArgentinaMalbec Seleccion 2019
SilverArmidaChaloneChalone Vineyard Chardonnay2019
SilverBarefootCaliforniaPinot NoirNV
SilverBarefootCaliforniaButtery ChardonnayNV
SilverBarefootAmericanPinot GrigioNV
SilverBarefootAdelaida DistrictRieslingNV
SilverBarefootAmericanSauvignon BlancNV
SilverBarefootAmericanRed MoscatoNV
SilverBarefootCaliforniaPink Pinot GrigioNV
SilverBarefoot BubblyAmericanPeach SparklingNV
SilverBarefoot BubblyAmericanBrut RoseNV
SilverBarefoot BubblyProsecco DOCProseccoNV
SilverBarefoot BubblyAmericanMoscato SpumanteNV
SilverBarefoot BubblyCaliforniaSweet Rose NV
SilverBlack BoxCaliforniaPinot Noir2020
SilverBlack BoxCaliforniaChardonnayNV
SilverBlack BoxCaliforniaBrilliant Collection Pinot Grigio NV
SilverBlack BoxCaliforniaTart & Tangy Sauvignon Blanc 2021
SilverBlack BoxCaliforniaRose2020
SilverBonny Doon VineyardCentral CoastLe Cigare Volant2020
SilverBonny Doon VineyardCentral CoastPicpoul2021
SilverBonny Doon VineyardCentral CoastLe Cigare Blanc2021
SilverBonny Doon VineyardCentral CoastLe Cigare Orange2021
SilverCarol Shelton WinesCentral CoastCoquille Rouge2021
SilverCarol Shelton WinesAlexander ValleyWally Zin2019
SilverCarol Shelton WinesFountaingrove DistrictPeaceland Zinfandel2019
SilverCarol Shelton WinesRockpileRockpile Reserve Zinfandel2019
SilverCarol Shelton WinesCucamonga ValleyMonga Zin2019
SilverCarol Shelton WinesAlexander ValleyOat Valley Carignane2018
SilverCarol Shelton WinesCentral CoastGrenache Noir2021
SilverCarol Shelton WinesSonoma CountyBlack Magic Late Harvest Zin2021
SilverCoe CellarsColumbia ValleySangiovese2019
SilverD & L Carinalli VineyardsRussian River ValleyPinot Noir2019
SilverD & L Carinalli VineyardsRussian River ValleyPinot Noir2020
SilverEdna ValleyCentral CaliforniaCabernet Sauvignon2020
SilverEdna ValleyCentral CaliforniaMerlot 2020
SilverEdna ValleyCentral CoastPinot Noir2020
SilverEdna ValleyCaliforniaPinot Grigio2021
SilverFaith, Hope and Charity VineyardsOregonMarquette2018
SilverFaith, Hope and Charity VineyardsOregonMarechal Foch2017
SilverFaith, Hope and Charity VineyardsOregonLeon Millot2019
SilverIdentity Wine Co.Clarksburg (Yolo)The Outsider Vol. 2 Viognier2020
SilverNaumann VineyardsSanta Cruz MountainsMerlot2018
SilverWhitehavenMarlboroughSauvignon Blanc2021
SilverWilliam Marie WinesColumbia ValleyCabernet Franc2019
BronzeBarefootCaliforniaSunset Red BlendNV
BronzeBarefootAmericanSweet RedNV
BronzeBarefootAmericanRich Red BlendNV
BronzeBarefootAmericanWhite ZinfandelNV
BronzeBarefoot BubblyAmericanPinot GrigioNV
BronzeBarefoot BubblyAmericanPink MoscatoNV
BronzeBarefoot BubblyCaliforniaBrut CuveeNV
BronzeBlack BoxChileMalbec2021
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaMerlot2020
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaRed Blend2020
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaVibrant & Velvety Red Blend2020
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaCabernet Sauvignon Deep & Dark 2021
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaShiraz2019
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaRed SangriaNV
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaBrilliant Collection Chardonnay NV
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaButtery ChardonnayNV
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaPinot Grigio2020
BronzeBlack BoxCaliforniaRiesling2020
BronzeBlack BoxChileSauvignon Blanc2021
BronzeCarol Shelton WinesMendocino CountyWild Thing Rendezvous Rose2021
BronzeFaith, Hope and Charity VineyardsOregonLa Crosse2019